American Farmland Trust --Works to influence local, state and federal government policies on issues that impact farmland through education and lobbying.

Cuyamaca Rancho Foundation -- The Cuyamaca Rancho Foundation has been incorporated by a group of concerned local citizens to pursue the acquisition, development and ongoing maintenance of the Maggio Ranch in Descanso, California. The plan of action is to use public funding to acquire the property and to obtain private grants...

Pacific Biodiversity Institute -- Providing research, education and technical support to ensure that our rich biological heritage endures through the next century.

Center for Biological Diversity -- Commited to protecting and restoring natural ecosystems and imperiled species through science, education, policy, and environmental law.

Cleveland National Forest Foundation -- A non-profit group dedicated to preserving the habitat, land and other natural resources of California's Cleveland National Forest through acquisition of surrounding lands and monitoring development efforts.

Spirit of the Sage Council -- An all volunteer grassroots non-profit 501 ( c )3 tax-exempt project and coalition of American Indians, environmental organizations, citizens action groups, scientists, legal experts and wildlife advocates dedicated to the protection and conservation of America's natural and cultural resources.

Project Wildlife -- Project Wildlife cares for injured, orphaned, and sick native wildlife of San Diego County, and releases rehabilitated animals back into their natural habitats.

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