The Watchdog Newsletter
3 March 2001

County PC Hearing. March 9. Applicant: Monte Vista Vista Oaks. 4,323 acres with 288 resdential lots, 3,275 of Open Space, an Equestrian Center and Guest Ranch. The Equestrian Center consists of of boarding facilties for 70 horses (barns, stables, rings). Guest Ranch will have a club house , general store, 4 H center, and HOA adminstration center. There will be a 12 MGD package sewage treatment plant to serve the guest ranch, and a 12 acres affluent reservoir. Guest Ranch will consist of 120 units in 55 detached cabins, a 12,000 square foot main lodge with swimming pool complex. A resteraunt/banquet/ballroom with capacity of 400, and a 18,000 sf spa/fitness center. There will also be 414 acres identified as future development areas. LOCATION: South of Dye Road, three miles south of Ramona Town Center, north and northwest of the Barona Indian Reservation, east of Mussey Grade Road inb Ramona. No EIR has been completed at this time. -----MOUNTAIN DEFENSE LEAGUE

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