The Watchdog Newsletter
5 April 2000


At today’s Board of Supervisors’ hearing, the Board voted to adopt GPA 96-03. The vote was 3 in favor (Roberts, Slater, and Cox) with 2 abstaining (Horn and Jacob). This decision was based on an illegal EIR and was unsupported by any evidence. SOFAR is looking carefully at how to proceed.

SOFAR would like to thank the seventeen conservation groups that endorsed the SOFAR Alternative to GPA 96-03: the Sierra Club, Buena Vista & Palomar Audubon Societies, California Native Plant Society, Center for Biological Diversity, Environmental Health Coalition, Surfrider Foundation, San Diego Baykeeper, California Oaks Foundation, Mountain Lion Foundation, Mountain Defense League, Backcountry Coalition, Preserve Wild Santee, Save South Bay, Volcan Mountain Preserve Foundation, Friends of Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, and Friends of Julian. We would also like to thank our loyal SOFAR supporters for all your help and support.

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