The Watchdog Newsletter
11 June 2000


The Attorney General, Bill Lockyer, has intervened and is helping us to protect San Diego County’s natural resources. SOFAR encourages you to write Mr. Lockyer and thank him for his support of SOFAR’s position on GPA 96-03 to preserve our backcountry rangelands and wild lands. We ask that you write as individuals as well as extending the invitation to any groups in which you take part.
His address is:

State of California
Bill Lockyer, Attorney General
1300 “I” St., 11th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Following is a sample letter:

Dear Mr. Lockyer,

Thank you for entering into the case regarding General Plan Amendment (GPA) 96-03. This GPA will not only determine the fate of San Diego’s backcountry; the water, biological, and traffic issues impacted by this GPA will affect the quality of life of us all, residents and visitors alike, in Southern California. Thanks for taking a stand against urban sprawl!


For your ease in writing to Bill Lockyer, California’s Attorney General, his Email address is:

His fax number is (916) 323-5341.

Thank you!

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