The Watchdog Newsletter
6 August 1999

GPA 96-03

The hearing before the Planning Commission for GPA 96-03 has been postponed, again, to, tentatively, January 21, 2000. The reason for the postponement is that new information is being sought to add to the EIR. This is based on response to the letters of public comment. A couple of sections of the EIR are involved, and, with the new information, either the affected sections or the entire EIR will have to be recirculated. We will keep you posted.


We have filed under the Public Records Act for information on the feasibility study being conducted by the County into constructing an access road to Barona Casino from Highway 67. The casino is located on the Barona Indian Reservation on Wildcat Canyon Road between Lakeside and Ramona. The proposed road will either go south or north of San Vicente Reservoir. If it goes north, it will impact Boulder Oaks Ranch, a 1,000-acre plus ranch that is in the process of being acquired for open space under the County's Multiple Species Conservation Plan. It will also impact an 1,100-acre parcel owned by the Boy's and Girl's Club that is in the process of being acquired by the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation.
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