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30 November 1999

Public Records Act Lawsuit Conclusion

The Public Records Act lawsuit came to a victorious conclusion with County Counsel releasing the final batch of documents to the public regarding the Rural Heritage & Watershed Initiative from the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. The County spent $ 60,000 in a vain attempt to keep these, as well as previously released, documents from public disclosure. This last batch included a record of Dianne Jacob's ill-fated campaign, aimed at RHWI, to keep city voters from voting on County issues.

Appeal of DPLU'S Approval of Alpine Albertson's Liquor License

On December 3, 1999, an appeal of the Department of Planning & Land Use's decision to issue a letter of convenience and necessity for the liquor license for the proposed Alpine Albertson's will be heard by the Planning Commission. This appeal has been brought by the Alpine Planning Group. The Group had voted to recommend that the County deny the liquor license arguing approval of this license will have an adverse impact on their community. Over 70 letters have been received by Alcoholic Beverage Control asking them to deny the liquor license.

Ramona Ridge Estates Goes Before the Planning & Environmental Review Board

Ramona Ridge Estates, a proposed 220 acre, 18-lot subdivision ocated in Agricultural Preserve farmland, will go before the Planning & Environmental Review Board on December 9, 1999. This proposal not only makes a mockery of Agricultural Preserve zoning by proposing 8-acre minimum lot sizes but would disrupt a nesting pair of Golden Eagles known to inhabit Whale Mountain. The western half of Whale Mountain is located within the proposed subdivision.

Jacumba Valley Ranch Goes Before the Planning Commission

Jacumba Valley Ranch is a massive project proposing 1,048 dwelling units, a 200-room hotel, congregate-care facility, and commercial area on 1,250 acres of farmland in the sparsely settled town of Jacumba. Prime farmland occupies hundreds of acres of this proposal. This proposed project goes before the Planning Commission on December 17, 1999.

General Plan Amendment 96-03 - Agricultural Preserve Farmland

Comments on the recirculated portions of the Environmental Impact Report for GPA 96-03 are due by 4 pm on December 6, 1999. The recirculated portions are Traffic & Circulation, Noise, and Water Quality. This EIR covers the County's proposal, including minimum lot sizes, for Agricultural Preserve farmland. Experts engaged by SOFAR have found the proposal to be inadequate.

***** Duncan on the Ken Layton Show*****

Duncan McFetridge will be the featured guest on the *North County at Large* show hosted by Ken Layton to be broadcast on December 12th at 10 pm on KFSD 92.1 FM.
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