The Watchdog Newsletter
13 December 2000


SOFARís position on GP 2020 continues to gain support. Already, Center for Biological Diversity, San Diego Audubon, Palomar Audubon, Mountain Defense League, Back Country Coalition, and Friends of Los Penisquitos Canyon Preserve have endorsed our position. The issue goes to the Board of Supervisors on 10 January 2001. We invite you to join us at the hearing.
To summarize, the basic problem of the draft 2020 Plan is that it is population-based rather than resource-based. Values such as wildlands and watershed have regional significance yet are left undesignated in the draft plan. The draft 2020 Plan does not contain any Regional Resource Categories such as Urban Limit Line, Country Town Boundaries, and Environmentally Constrained Areas which then naturally form the hierarchy of planning goals.
These Regional Resource Categories are the critical link between the goals and policies of the General Plan and zoning implementation. They are the standards that guide the placement of zoning. No rational, logical implementation of the General Plan can occur without these essential planning categories.


This 85.50 acre parcel, located between Julian and Lake Cuyamaca, contains some of those gorgeous grasslands and oak and pine woodlands for which San Diego Countyís backcountry is famous. Under its present use, grazing, it helps support a healthy ecosystem that also includes the wildlands of the Cleveland National Forest.
This parcel is slated for subdividing into five ranchette parcels ranging in size from 12 to 21 acres. The zoning would allow a minimum parcel size of just 8 acres. These small parcels will fragment the habitat and wound this area of the ecosystem. This is a excellent example of the Countyís poor planning for our precious natural resources.
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Thanks for your ongoing support.
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