The Watchdog Newsletter
19 December 1999


On December 9, 1999, the County’s Planning & Environmental Review Board (PERB) denied the Tentative Map Replacement application for Ramona Ridge Estates. The applicant has until December 20 to appeal the decision, as he is expected to do. The Planning Commission will hear the appeal on January 7, 2000. This proposed project would put 18 lots with 8-acre minimum lot sizes on 215 acres of Agricultural Preserve farmlands. This size lot is incompatible with maintaining viable agriculture. It would also put estate home sites at the base of Whale Mountain, a nesting site for Golden Eagles.


Alpine Ranch Estates West II was approved by PERB on December 16, 1999. This subdivision of 224 acres into 67 housing lots will put estate homes on ridge lines and forever fragment this area of chaparral-covered hills and canyons of Alpine.


The hearing before the Planning Commission for Jacumba Valley Ranch has been continued until January 21, 2000. This is to enable Planning Commissioner Dave Kreitzer an opportunity to take a field trip to the proposed project site. The massive project consists of 1,048 dwelling units, a 200-room hotel, congregate care facility, commercial area, and golf course on 1,250 acres of farm and grazing land. This enormous project would overwhelm the tiny rural town of Jacumba, devastate several hundred acres of prime farmland, and destroy the ranching heritage and natural beauty of this area of East County.
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